Brought to you by Noko, the time tracking and invoicing app that your team will love.

We’re absolutely tickled to announce that Noko now offers you **invoicing**.

Oooh. What can I do with it?

You can now create invoices for any project.

You can specify a flat rate total (per invoice) or a single hourly rate (per invoice).

You can add any tax percentage you need, and specify any currency.

You can opt to show no hours, just a total, or even attach a full report on subsequent pages.

Choose your own invoice numbering and reference information.

How do I create an invoice?

We’ve made it drop-dead simple:

Just go into any of your projects with billable hours, and click Create new invoice.

As you can see, don’t have to go dig up your last invoice and figure out when you invoiced, just to make a new one. Noko will automatically create an invoice for you out of any hours that you haven’t yet invoiced.

You can specify a date range, of course, if that’s the way you like to roll!

Then enter your client’s contact info, your contact info, including any tax IDs or whatnot that you need to include, and customize the other settings such as price/hourly rate, tax percentage, currency, and more.

(That’s just one more way we’ve shown our commitment to eliminating the demon of up-front configuration.)

I have hours invoiced before now. What do I do?

Been invoicing your Noko time by some other means? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Just go into the project in question and click the button to Mark hours invoiced outside of Noko. Provide the end-date of your last invoice (up to and including hours logged for that day), and we’ll mark ’em as invoiced already so you can start with a fresh slate.

Don’t stress if you accidentally enter the wrong date. You can always undo it later.

How do I get my shiny new invoice to my clients?

Right now, you have three options:

1. Send them a special, private link by email, IM, or any other medium you can think of.

2. “Print” it as a PDF and email it to ’em as an attachment.

3. Or print it on paper, and send it along by snail mail.

These invoices look great on-screen and on paper!

Noko Invoicing is beta.

Our brand new invoicing system isn’t done yet. We’ve tested the daylights out of it, and everything sure works on our end, but it’s still possible that you might find minor issues here and there.

If you do, let us know! Click the pink Feedback button on the left side of every Noko page.

And we know you’re going to want it to do even more awesome stuff.

Let us know about that, too!

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