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“My overdue tasks are mounting up and overwhelming me. I don’t know where to start!”

Having a well-oiled, active todo app is a great thing. You’ve got your big projects outlined, your daily tasks scheduled, and you can add that request for “one more thing…” in a matter of seconds. In short: You know exactly what needs to be done, and have a plan for checking all the boxes.

Unfortunately, sometimes life throws a wrench into your whole plan. You get sick, come back from a vacation, or work goes into full crunch mode. Next thing you know, you’re smacked in the face with this:


You got so busy that you didn’t have time to keep up with your todo app! Overdue tasks have piled up, along with emails, and all the unread Slack messages.

Panic starts to creep in: You don’t know what to tackle first, and more stuff keeps piling up. Everything’s coming at a hundred miles an hour and seeing all those overdue tasks is draining your mental energy.

Todo apps and systems aren’t good at handling when plans go sideways. There’s no giant “reset” button you can press to clear your head and refocus.

We struggle with this too, so we made a worksheet that sidesteps everything to get you back on track.

It asks you one basic, straightforward question:


That’s it. You stop for a minute, fill it out, and start working through that list.

“But what about my todo list? The work needs done, shouldn’t I force myself to push through that dreaded list?”

Ditch your todo list for today, it’s draining your mental energy. Focus on the here and now; keep doing that until your head’s above the water.

We’re gonna hit the reset button. It’s gonna be okay.

You got this, let’s get to work! ????

Get the worksheet and get back on track!

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