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November 2019
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Amy Hoy

Amy Hoy


After years of waging war as an employee and consultant for big (and small) businesses, Amy left the trenches to become a full time Product Crusader. Product strategist and teacher by day, fine furniture enthusiast by night. As a web developer & interaction designer, Amy has created an empire of cheerfully bootstrapped products in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

Expense tracking is here!

Our #1 requested feature is… expense tracking and line items for invoices! And believe us, we hear you. **Today we launched the beta version of expense tracking**! It goes great with a fine chianti, and also with the beta version of invoicing. > **Why beta?** Because we’re hard at work to make it even better, and we don’t [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Say hello to INVOICING!

We’re absolutely tickled to announce that Noko now offers you **invoicing**. Oooh. What can I do with it? You can now create invoices for any project. You can specify a flat rate total (per invoice) or a single hourly rate (per invoice). You can add any tax percentage you need, and specify any currency. You can opt to show no hours, [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Say helloooooo to the new timer!

Our number one request for Noko, ever since we started? A timer. You asked. We answered. And we took movies. Noko’s got a timer now. We’re still ironing out a few little JavaScript bugs, but it’s almost ready for prime time action. And, in the mean time, it’s available in your Noko account. You should check it out to [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy