How to have tough conversations in even tougher times

If you feel like the way you work has drastically changed since the onset of the global pandemic and upheaval over systemic injustice, you aren’t alone. And yet work needs to go on! Many companies, large and small, have been forced to rethink nearly every aspect of their strategies. If there is a silver lining to […]

Taxes — How freelancers can prepare (and not end up sobbing)

Welcome to the most stressful time of the year for the self-employed US resident: tax prep season! Freedom is great… but freelance taxes are enough to bring us all to wailing and gnashing of teeth. Before you begin to rage-cry and close this browser tab in despair, take a deep breath. Noko time tracking has […]

Comfortable Home Office Ergonomics on a Budget for Freelancers & Consultants

My neck, My back, When I stand up, they both crack. If you’re singing this little tune after a hard day’s freelancing, it might be time to examine your home office set-up. While the word “ergonomics” can sound like a nerdy hobby you don’t have time for, the importance of caring for your hard-working skeleton […]

How to Land Big Fish Clients with No Cold Calling

Is there anything worse than cold-calling? Not only is it stressful — *cough* I mean… character-building — it doesn’t work for the kinds of prestigious clients you really want. Neither does sending in your résumé, no matter how awesome your cover letter. True, having contacts deep inside the organizations is great — if you’ve already […]

3 Great Reads to Help You Price Betta, Hunt Down Clients, & Work Those Deadlines!

Happy Friday! We hand-picked these 3 action-packed essays full of great ideas for your consulting biz. Enjoy! Passing the Holy Milestone: How to Meet Deadlines Deadlines: they’re hard to love. “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” — Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy […]

Measuring Time & Poodles: What’s a New York minute?

Johnny Carson once joked that a New York minute is the length of time between when the traffic light turns green and the person behind you starts to honk. Carson’s definition takes a jab at the stereotype that New Yorkers are impatient and perpetually in a hurry. But what is the real definition of a […]

Expense tracking is here!

Our #1 requested feature is… expense tracking and line items for invoices! And believe us, we hear you. Today we launched the beta version of expense tracking! It goes great with a fine chianti, and also with the beta version of invoicing. Why beta? Because we’re hard at work to make it even better, and […]

Eat the Damn Cookie – Unthink Your Way to Productivity

A single cookie can make the difference between a great day of work, and a disastrous one. Imagine you’re sitting comfortably at a table. In front of you is a plate of cookies. Delicious, warm, gooey, wafting cookies. You know how in the cartoons, delicious smells morph into fingers that snare you by the nostrils? […]

Say hello to INVOICING!

We’re absolutely tickled to announce that Noko now offers you **invoicing**. Oooh. What can I do with it? You can now create invoices for any project. You can specify a flat rate total (per invoice) or a single hourly rate (per invoice). You can add any tax percentage you need, and specify any currency. You […]

Say helloooooo to the new timer!

Our number one request for Noko, ever since we started? A timer. You asked. We answered. And we took movies. Noko’s got a timer now. We’re still ironing out a few little JavaScript bugs, but it’s almost ready for prime time action. And, in the mean time, it’s available in your Noko account. You should […]