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November 2019
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Behind the Scenes

On 600 signups

Today we’re on track to whiz by the 600 accounts mark. This is by far faster than we were expecting, with the low-key launch that we’d planned. Imagine: at least 600 people have come to our site, skimmed our copy, clicked the big old pink trial button, chosen a plan, and filled out the forms. That’s a lot of accumulated time [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Ecommerce Stuff Nobody Tells You

Well, we’ve solved our latest credit card validation problem and it seems like a good time to give a quick recap of the lessons we’ve learned during this whole sordid process. Things that nobody bothers to tell you, not even the people you’re paying to do just that. This is 2008, but credit card processing is a technological [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

On-the-fly FAQ edition #1

We have no FAQ page yet because we didn’t know what the genuine frequently asked questions would be, and by gosh do we hate fake FAQs. Anyway, questions/comments/what-have-you: You look very nice, but I wish we could date without having to give you a credit card on the very first day — Vlourenco Three points here: There’s [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

We’re live.

We’ve launched. No fan fare. No trumpets. Just a bottle of champagne, a little Daft Punk, cap deploy, and us. Welcome. A couple notes: We can’t accept Amex right now. Sorry. There’s a story here, we’ll splain later. We’re live, but not yet out of tire-kicking mode. We’d like to pretend you won’t find [...]

Amy HoyAmy Hoy