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November 2019
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3 Ways To Get Your Team To Track Time

You run a business, and your business runs on time. Whether your need to bill your customers, or knowing which projects use up precious resources—you rely on accurate and timely time tracking: who did what when, and for how long. In the minds of your team members time tracking probably is far down the list of what they think is important. [...]

Thomas FuchsThomas Fuchs

The Psychology of Customers

I’m not ashamed to admit that I, Devon Kreider, have made my fair share of infomercial purchases. There’s a reason why infomercials have become a massive phenomenon and and why many of us have contributed to the growing infomercial market. On the surface they’re cheesy, a bit abrasive, and provide comedians with an endless [...]

Thomas FuchsThomas Fuchs

Sell Yourself, Not Your Soul

Getting a customer to spend that first dollar is an uphill battle.  Sometimes it can even feel like a really steep incline that just goes on and on and on. That “first dollar problem” is why branding and positioning and marketing are so important.  And not just for big bad enterprises with tons of money, but for small businesses [...]

Thomas FuchsThomas Fuchs

Say Goodbye to Bad Clients

No matter if you provide a service, or sell a product, I think it’s safe to say that there is one thing every business can find a common ground.  Bad customers and clients. If you put a group of people in a room together, all from different industries and different markets, I guarantee everyone would have their own customer horror story. [...]

Thomas FuchsThomas Fuchs

How to Communicate Your Value

I hear the terms “value based pricing” and “perceived value” thrown around a lot when talking about raising rates and earning more money. Sometimes I feel like you can’t go five minutes in a conversation about pricing without hearing one, or both, of those terms. And it’s true, determining the value you [...]

Thomas FuchsThomas Fuchs