How to have tough conversations in even tougher times

If you feel like the way you work has drastically changed since the onset of the global pandemic and upheaval over systemic injustice, you aren’t alone. And yet work needs to go on! Many companies, large and small, have been forced to rethink nearly every aspect of their strategies. If there is a silver lining to […]

How will our name change effect you?

You’ve just heard that we’re changing our name to Noko. But don’t fret! We’re making this as seamless as possible… you barely have to do a thing. Here’s how our name change will effect you: your account will continue to work exactly the same the will be no changes to your price or plan your credit […]

We’re rebranding: Freckle Time Tracking is now Noko!

We first launched in December, 2008. Ten years ago! Can you believe it?! Back then, we had a completely different design, and only two real features: manual time entry, and the most basic of reports. We had no timer. We had no invoicing. No budgets. No Pulse. Heck, we didn’t even have a password reset […]

Freckle is getting a new name: Noko

Freckle just turned 10 years old. (Can you believe it?!) What a milestone. And what a time to look back, reflect, and also to look forward. And we’ve been doing a lot of looking forward. We decided that it’s high time for some much-needed freshening up, from new features to new content. And we’re starting […]

5 Reasons Why Time Tracking is Hard

The old saying goes, “Time Tracking ain’t easy”. All you want is accurate and on-time data so you can plan your resources, bill your customers and find those pesky projects that just take longer than they should. Here’s the top five reasons why Time Tracking is so hard (and how we make it easier in […]

Teams: Successful businesses are a team effort

At the end of the day, tracked time serves the purpose of making your business run more efficiently. You need to identify where time is spent by your team. Where time is used effectively. And where it isn’t. And what if you have lots of people using your Noko account? Multiple office locations? Many internal […]

Timesheet approval and locking entries

You have a team to manage. Maybe it’s only 3 or 4 people. Maybe you’re leading projects in three different departments and have 46 folks that should be logging time in Noko every day. Regardless of crew size, you need everyone to log their time consistently. You also need to make sure that tags are […]

New Feature: Built-in Suggestions from Previous Invoices

Some weeks it’s hard enough to remember what day of the week it is, let alone more specific and detailed information. Most of us use as many tricks and tools as we can to remember birthdays, phone numbers and events. We sync our calendars with our contacts and set reminders to check our wall full of […]

Sorting tags, or: The Struggle is Over

If your team uses a lot of tags, then you’ve probably come face to face with, The Struggle. What’s The Struggle? The Struggle is the cousin of the common cold. Always popping up when you least expect it and when you really don’t want it. Picture this: It’s after lunch and you’ve totally hit your stride. You’ve got some sweet jams […]

New Feature: Restricting Which People Can Create Tags

If you’re an administrator on a large Noko account, you already know exactly what I’m talking about. Your team accidentally creates new tags all. the. time. Whether it’s a simple mistake like using the #emails tag instead of #email, or something a little more complicated like getting halfway through typing the hashtag “permissions” and hitting enter. […]