Never forget to track time with the Noko Mac OS X Menubar App

We’ve all been there—you forgot to track time at all or didn’t stop and log that timer you started at the beginning of your work day. Whether you’re excited about a new client, have to finish a project by a deadline or just got distracted by the latest lolcats—tracking time is often the last thing […]

One click Excel, PDF and CSV from your reports

Did you know that Noko supports one click downloads of reports, as PDF, CSV and now also as Excel spreadsheet? It couldn’t be simpler, just run a report, set filters, grouping and aggregation options as you need and then click one of these buttons: Boom—your download will start after a few seconds! The file that’s […]

Noko on your phone

Here’s how you run Noko on your phone! On your iPhone (iOS 6+) Just click the button and you’ll download our official Noko app from the App Store (it’s free!). On your iPhone (older iOS) To use our official App Store app above, you’ll need iOS 6.1 or higher. But no fear, if you don’t […]

Find projects quicker with Noko’s new Timer

Noko’s Timer has received a facelift and optimizations to be quicker to use and prettier to look at! The main thing that works differently from before is the much improved search. Either click the project search box or type the / shortcut key to start searching (you can also just start typing any letter or […]

A Magical Formula for an Increased Bank Account

If you’ve ever had trouble getting a client to pay you, then you know what a huge time kill it can be. Not only does it take weeks, sometimes longer to resolve payment problems, chasing down a client who hasn’t paid drains you of all your focus and keeps you from doing your best work. […]

Eliminating Freebies Is Easier Than You Think

If you’re a freelancer, consultant, small biz owner or anyone who’s time is their bread and butter, you spend a lot of your day switching between small tasks and trying to do multiple things at once. And task switching and multitasking sucks. No, really, it sucks. It sucks your time, your productivity, your motivation and […]

Why You SHOULD Charge an Hourly Rate

You probably haven’t heard many people support charging an hourly rate or read many blog posts encouraging hourly rates. But we’re not many people.  We’re in the business of helping you work less and earn more. You’ve probably gotten a lot of pricing advice over the years, and we can only assume that it all sounds easy […]

The Mini-Pulse Has A New Home

Ch-ch-ch-ch-che-che-check it out! The mini-pulse is multiplying.  Sound like something straight out of an episode of Warehouse 13 on the SyFy channel? Well, if it sounds like a not-so-guilty pleasure that’s fun, smart and supernatural, then you’re totally right. The mini-pulse may not be on the SyFy channel but it is on individual team member pages […]

The Top 10 Things You Don’t Bill For But Should

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: When you under-charge, everybody loses.  You have to take on projects you don’t necessarily want to. You can’t find enough time to relax, to recharge, to learn new things, to get out there and find great work that’ll make you shine. So what’s the cure to a […]

5 ways to get your team to happily track time

If you run a business and bill by the hour you know how important it is to keep track of time. You want to bill on time, and all the hours that have actually been worked. Here’s 5 things you can do to improve time tracking discipline! **1. Have your time tracking come to your […]