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5 projects

Philly Phood Tour
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Pre Production
Historic Walking Tour
City Wide Segway Tour
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My team has gone through four time tracking apps in the last two and a half years…

That's a quote from one of our customers — and it's something we hear a lot.

Your business runs on time. It's the fuel your team uses to start, create, finish projects for yourselves and your clients.

You've got to make sure every minute counts… and can be counted:

To answer these questions, you need a perfect handle on your team's time. But you're all so busy. Ironically, tracking your time takes time. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. Your team hates the administrative overhead of logging their time, and so… you suspect (or you know!) that you're mostly getting guesstimates, after the fact.

Those guesstimates lead to bad data, impaired ability to make critical business decisions, and, of course… you can't bill as much, either.

It's not that you're an authoritarian control freak, but you need to know. And it's not that your team is sloppy, but all they really want to do is focus on doing their work.

What if you could both get what you wanted?

…Noko is by far the most flexible & easy to use solution we have encountered

My team has gone through four time tracking apps (five if you count excel spreadsheets) in the last two and a half years. Noko is by far the most flexible & easy to use solution we have encountered. The use of hashtags to categorize activity makes it quick and super easy to use, and having desktop and iOS timer syncing definitely helps someone like me who often walks into meetings without setting a timer beforehand at my workstation.” Karl Eggers, Efeqdev
Noko'er since June 2014

How much easier would your job be, if time tracking was so fast, & easy, & almost fun, that your team did it with pleasure?


And, while you're imagining that lovely scenario… What if you could instantly see, no spreadsheet required, what that time meant for your business: work rhythms, availability, utilization, overhead.

What if your time tracking tool bent over backwards to serve you?

If you find you’re spending more time managing your business than actually getting work done, check out Noko.
— Forbes

We ran a small consulting agency ourselves (total combined experience: 24 years!). And we hated the tools we had to use to run it.

Noko cured my aversions against time tracking.” Elisabeth Irgens
Noko'er since April 2013

That's why we designed Noko Time Tracking from the ground up to help you & your team get every last drop from your daily allotment of 480 business minutes… without stress, without nagging, without wasted seconds.

When you use Noko to track your time, you get the benefit of using a tool designed to help you get the most of your business, to understand…

…in addition to all the features you've come to expect.

In Noko, it literally takes only 10 seconds to create a time entry for a completely new client. You don't need to configure anything.

How will Noko help you?

You'll be pleased to know that Noko does give you all the basic features you've come to expect from a time tracking & productivity tool:

But that's not all. Your business needs more than just time in, invoice out — or you wouldn't be here. Here's what you get when you use Noko (and not those other, basic tools):

Join our customers who bill millions of dollars each month with

And euros, and pounds, and canadian dollars, and francs, and pesos, and yen and… and… and…

And your title isn't “Chief Executive Time Tracker.” You have a team to manage, a business to run. Your team, too, has critical (valuable, billable) work to get done.

Let Noko take away the worry & hassle of time tracking.

Try Noko today, free for 30 days. It'll take you less than 3 minutes to get up and running and logging time on your projects.

Join thousands of companies that track their time with Noko since 2008!

Start your free 30-day trial now and never miss another billable hour!

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“The Noko team has provided fantastic service and support at every step of the way. In our opinion Noko provides a superior tool at a far lower cost than comparative solutions." Patrick Kozacik, Axiom Real-Time Metrics
Noko'er since May 2016

All our plans include these features:

“Noko just makes you want to keep track of your time.”
“Noko is refreshingly light, agile, and easy to get into.”
“If you find you’re spending more time managing your business than actually getting work done, check out Noko.”
“The most striking part of the app is the user interface. […] You can enter all of the data from the keyboard. And that saves time. Time that could be spent on other projects.”
“Noko acknowledges that while time tracking is a necessary task, it isn’t our real work, but rather an interruption of it. The thought is that if it were easy and painless to use, we would be more diligent about our time entries.”
“Noko has taken the hassle out of managing my consultants time reporting." Andrew Hanson, Coding Inertia
Noko'er since June 2014
“We're loving it! Bloated systems that are slow and over-engineered led us to try Noko. Since we started using Noko, everybody is booking hours again! Ruben Bos, Mangrove
Noko'er since May 2011
“Noko has helped me measure my business goals—and then meet them! Noko is beautiful [and] the only app I use daily that I don't want to change a piece of it—and then you go & change something that I didn't even think would make my life easier & it does. The invoicing feature has saved my life & gets me paid!” Jessie Scheunemann, Jessie Marie Studio
Noko'er since January 2012
The Pulse is my favorite feature and what sold me on Noko. I can quickly see that I have already put in a certain amount of hours for one client and not yet another, so I know to dedicate some time to the other client. The Pulse really helps me manage my time better and keep track of how I'm actually using my time. It even lets me see when I'm not using my time efficiently.” Lisette Rotman, Lisetteart
Noko'er since January 2012
Ridiculously easy entry and super fast reports have highlighted where we're spending time on "cost centers" for our nonprofit. It's helped us get precise answers to questions about how we can leverage our team, time, and resources better. Brian Nagendra, City First Enterprises
Noko'er since October 2010
“Noko has offered us a very easy, cost effective solution to tracking our project hours and overall time. Our folks love it! Lori Winkler, WDM Creative
Noko'er since June 2012
Our biggest issue was people forgetting to enter their time. Since moving to Noko, that issue has all but disappeared. Previous time keepers we used had awkward or confusing interfaces. Noko is easy and fun to use. The timer bookmarklet helps keep Noko front-and-center without being too distracting or getting in the way.” Peter Baumgartner, Lincoln Loop
Noko'er since March 2011
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