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T Minus 2 Days: Top secret conversation REVEALED

Amy HoyAmy Hoy

Well, folks, it’s T minus 2 days til L-day. Launch, that is. Which is on Monday. Today is Saturday. Yes.

Your Noko team is hard at work, burning the proverbial midnight oil! We use Campfire to stay in touch, talking about all the sorts of really important things you’d think we’d be talking about just a scant two days before Noko’s world premiere.

argh, i just managed to hit a cut into my toe while walking upstairs. bleeding like a pig now :/
*high5es himself*
Thomas F.
1. raise your left foot. 2. move left foot forward. 3. put left foot down. 4. raise your right foot. 5. move right foot forward. 6. put right foot down. 7. repeat from 1.
sounds easier than it is 🙂
Thomas F.
hope it doesn’t get eitrig.
joe, i’m sorry you hurt yourself.
but i also feel less alone now! 🙂
Thomas F.
you should do a social network for clumsy people

The secret’s out! Our next groundbreaking product: definitely a social network for clumsy people.

The corners? Rounded.

After years of waging war as an employee and consultant for big (and small) businesses, Amy left the trenches to become a full time Product Crusader. Product strategist and teacher by day, fine furniture enthusiast by night. As a web developer & interaction designer, Amy has created an empire of cheerfully bootstrapped products in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same.