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The night before launch
And all through the office
Keyboards were heard
Seeking rhymes for “office”
Office? Office! There’s naught a word
… that rhymes with “office”

Maybe not. There goes the attempt at pre-launch poetry.

Or… does it? When in doubt, haiku—that’s what I always say.

Preparing for launch
Home stretch can’t stretch any more
Hooray! Sleepless night

Actually, we’ve beaten our ticket lists into submission, and as for that sleepless night, well, that’s not really the kind of “startup” we are. In fact, we’re not a startup at all.

This seems like a great opportunity to discuss what we *are*.

And principally, we are *not a startup*. We may be making a product, which may be starting out (or up, if you must), but that does not a startup make.

Instead, we’re the key peeps in two happy, tiny, successful consulting companies (slash7 and abloom) who are working together on a product—the kind of thing we need to use every day in our consulting gigs.

We’re powered by passion! And Red Bull! We’re funded by our own enthusiasm! Not with venture capital.

Our focus is on creating a small, sustainable business. We’re not looking for mega launch day press (in fact, we’re hoping to *not* get mega launch day press, yikes). We’re not interested in flashy parties or getting on TechCrunch.

We’re interested in helping to make your day-to-day experience more enjoyable. We want to make great software that makes people happy. There’s just not enough of that to go around.

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