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One click Excel, PDF and CSV from your reports

Did you know that Noko supports one click downloads of reports, as PDF, CSV and now also as Excel spreadsheet? It couldn’t be simpler, just run a report, set filters, grouping and aggregation options as you need and then click one of these buttons:

Boom—your download will start after a few seconds! The file that’s downloaded is conveniently named with your Noko account name and the option you set (length permitting). In the above example if you’d download the Excel spreadsheet, the file would be called nokotimetracking_4543-january-december-2019-by-week-sun-sat.xlsx

By the by, the new Excel export works with Office 2007 and above, on PCs, Macs and iOS.

Bonus: Numbers (Apple’s spreadsheet app) can open it as well!

Happy downloading!

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