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Week Numbers for European Noko Users

Devon KreiderDevon Kreider

If you’re one of the many European Noko users out there, you’ve probably asked yourself one or all of these questions about America.

All very valid questions.  All deserving of an answer.

As an American myself, I should be able to clear up some of the confusion. Let’s see:

  1. American’s don’t drive manual cars because they drive stick or automatic cars.
  2. American’s don’t use the Metric System because we fought for our freedom in The Revolutionary War.
  3. You don’t have to battle with your calendar in Noko to see week numbers! 

No joke. That is a true fact!  Noko now supports week numbers in both the Quick Entry Box calendar and the Quick Reports calendar.



To see week numbers in your Noko calendars all you have to do is mouse over your Noko avatar and click “Settings & Profile”.

From there you’ll click the “Date, Time & Formats” tab and choose to start your week on Monday.



Not only can you see week numbers in your Noko calendars, but you can see them in your reports! When you choose the “weekly timesheet” filter, Noko will remember that you set your week to start on Monday & show you the week number for that week. Choosing the “week (Mon – Sun) filter will also show you the week number for that week.


So stop scratching your head trying to make sense of the world. Instead, use Noko to see if you’re free week 37 and if you’ll finish that project before week 40.

Devon joined the Freckle team in 2012 and left in Summer of 2015 to seek out new adventures! You may recognize her as your Freckle Support Superhero. A graduate of Temple University, Devon is a marketeer and sort-of-German-speaker.