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Freckle is getting a new name: Noko

Freckle just turned 10 years old. (Can you believe it?!) What a milestone. And what a time to look back, reflect, and also to look forward.

And we’ve been doing a lot of looking forward.

We decided that it’s high time for some much-needed freshening up, from new features to new content.

And we’re starting with a fresh new name: Noko.

It’s shorter. Lighter. Easier to Google. Easier to say. And we were able to get a great new domain name — with the name first: Nokotime.com.

(Protip: Never settle for a domain name where you have to put an extraneous word before your product’s name. Lesson learned!)

So here’s how our name change will effect you:

  • your account will continue to work exactly the same
  • there will be no changes to your price or plan
  • your credit card bill will now show transactions from NOKOTIME.COM
  • all our emails will now come from [email protected]
  • and you can email us to [email protected]
  • you will have to sign in once we switch over to the new domain name (sorry!), but only once!

We’re making the switch final on March 31st, 2019.

Don’t fret: All existing links to letsfreckle.com (including invoices and reports) will continue to work for 5 more months.

Thank you Freckle, long live Noko!

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