Don't miss the beat with Noko's weekly activity reports

You’re busy creating—and time tracking is probably low on your list of priorities. At Noko, we try to get out of your way by providing a fast-loading and friendly app to get your time entries logged quickly.

But wouldn’t it be great if Noko comes to you instead of you having to go to Noko?

Introducing our weekly activity reports! Punctually every Monday morning (in your local timezone!) we will deliver you a personalized weekly activity report email, showing everything you’ve logged for the previous week, including the mini-pulse!

The best thing? One click will take you to a report in Noko, where you can edit entries or add time that you forgot to log (we’re human, after all). For your business, it’s important that you don’t miss out on logging billable time and the weekly reports will help getting you paid for your hard work!

And for admins of bigger teams, we’ll additionally send you a weekly report of all time logged by everyone for the previous week (we’re truncating emails that would get too long, but you’ll be able to get the gist of it plus review all hours via a link to a Noko report!)

In our efforts to save you time, we’ll automatically stop sending you reports if you don’t log time for a while (so you don’t have to read these emails!), but you can also choose either not receive Noko’s weekly time reports at all or just until you log time again.

You can also edit your report preferences in the new Notifications section under Settings & Tools in Noko.

Look for your weekly report in your inbox!

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