Expenses & Line Items Made Fun & Easy

“I love doing expense reports,” said no one ever.

Rifling through receipts and tallying up expenses at the end of each month is a necessary evil. Necessary for running your biz, and evil because it’s just plain boring.

But did you know that Noko can help track your expenses & line items without you wanting to pull your hair out?

In fact, you may even feel the urge to polka dance. That’s how easy it is to track your expenses in Noko.

A little confused? This 2 minute video will explain it all!

On every individual project page, you can enter the price and description of an expense under the “Expenses & Line Items” section.

You have the option to apply a tax to your expense, or to include a negative expense.

When you create your next invoice, all unpaid expenses and line items will be included, and Noko will do all the work for you!

There’s no need for currency symbols because the default currency symbol of your invoice will be applied to whatever expenses or line items you have.

In your invoice, you can include any taxes you need to, and Noko will take care of that pesky expense math.

You may just end up saying that you love expenses after all. :)

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