Import Data like a Boss (or an Account Owner)

Noko Supervisors rejoice! Gone are the days when the Account Owners had all of the power.

In the past, the Noko Account Owner was the only person on the team who had access to a number of fun hidden gems within Noko.

Well not anymore. :D

Now Noko Supervisors will see an extra tab in their control panel. And not just any tab. Supervisors will have access to the coveted ‘Data Import’ tab.

Forget about waiting around for someone else to import that data you need. Noko is making it easier than ever to get down to business.

Move over Account Owners, it’s time for the Supervisors to shine.

P.S. Tell us what you want to see. Supervisors, Leaders, Coworkers, Contractors alike. What else would make your life easier? What do you dream about being able to do in Noko? We want to know!

Drop us a line at [email protected] or click the pink ‘Help & Support’ tab in the bottom right hand corner of your account to chat with real humans (that’s us!).

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