More than meets the eye—the Quick Entry box!

Here’s how the Quick Entry box makes clever assumptions about your entries so you can save yourself typing and hair-pulling:

You can override the Quick Entry assumptions by using “h” and “m” to indicate hours and minutes.

Behold! A few more Quick Entry tabulation examples.

You enter: Interpreted as: Additional notes:
2h 2 hours  
1:15 1 hour, 15 minutes  
2h 2 hours  
1:15 1 hour 15 minutes  
1,17 1 hour 15 minutes*  
1,5 1 hour 30 minutes  
3.5 3 hours 30 minutes  
2.75 2 hours 45 minutes  
9- 6 hours Calculates “9am till now,” assuming “now” is 3 pm.
10 to 5 hours Calculates “10am till now,” assuming “now” is 3 pm.
9-5 8 hours Calculates “9am till 5pm.”
2pm-4pm 2 hours  
Thurs 4 4 hours on the most recent Thursday  
Thurs, 2:45 2 hours 45 minutes on the most recent Thursday
Oct 21, .5 30 minutes on October 21
2/5, 2pm-4pm 2 hours on February 5
1/1/2011, 2h13m 2 hours 15 minutes on January 1, 2011
yesterday 14 15 minutes on yesterday’s date
Friday .99 1 hour on the most recent Friday*
December 12 2h 2 hours on December 12

*Note: these tabulations are for a project with a default billing increment of 15 minutes. Noko will round up those annoying 3-minute tasks for you! If you’ve set your billing increment to “none,” or some other value, your rounding may vary. Adjust your billing increment on the Settings & Tools tab of your Noko dashboard. Play around with the Quick Entry box, and it’ll quickly become your time tracking & billing BFF.

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