Never forget to track time with the Noko Mac OS X Menubar App

We’ve all been there—you forgot to track time at all or didn’t stop and log that timer you started at the beginning of your work day. Whether you’re excited about a new client, have to finish a project by a deadline or just got distracted by the latest lolcats—tracking time is often the last thing on your mind. It’s a pain to have to reconstruct what you did all day at the end of a long work day when you’re tired and want to go home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to time tracking from anywhere on your computer, without having to go to your browser first? How awesome could it be if you could log time with just a few keystrokes, without ever having to touch your mouse or leave the application you’re working in, even if it’s a fullscreen app? What if a quick glance could tell you if a timer is running, and for which project?

Never fear, this is all over now with the new Noko OS X Menubar app. The Noko timer is now always just one key combo (by default ⌃⌥⌘Space, but you can change that to whatever you like) or one click in the menubar away. When not in use, the Noko Menubar app shows you if there’s a running timer and how much time has elapsed. When a timer is running, the animation of the Noko logo includes the project color, so you instantly know what project the timer is on.

Many of you use multiple screens (we do, too!), and features like spaces and full screen apps on your Macs—when you hit the keyboard shortcut, the Noko app will always open on the screen you’re working on right now so you don’t need to go look for it. And, you can also launch the Noko OS X Menubar app automatically when you log in (see preferences in the app), so you never forget to launch Noko. Noko will always ready for you!

Best of all, these are the exact same timers that you see in Noko itself and in the mobile app. Log the timer from anywhere and the Noko Menubar app will notice and update itself accordingly.

Download the free Noko Mac OS X Menubar App today!

We’d like to say extra special thanks to all our beta testers! You’re awesome!

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