New Feature: Built-in Suggestions from Previous Invoices

Some weeks it’s hard enough to remember what day of the week it is, let alone more specific and detailed information.

Most of us use as many tricks and tools as we can to remember birthdays, phone numbers and events. We sync our calendars with our contacts and set reminders to check our wall full of post-it notes.

Passwords, email addresses, usernames, phone numbers, zip codes, area codes, html code, code red Mountain Dew.

cue Edvard Munch scream face

photo cc: Xoan Baltar

There’s got to be a better way!

Oh, hang on. Don’t totally loose it yet. Noko is here to help. :)

New Noko Feature: Built-in Suggestions from Previous Invoices

Now not only will Noko remember the info you enter into the customizable invoice fields, but it’ll suggest addresses and names saved from previous invoices.

Just mouse over these fields to see suggestions from previous invoices:

Put down the old school address book and the stack of post-it notes. Don’t worry about logging into that client contact tool you use. Let Noko do hard labor and remember your invoicing details for you.

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