Sorting tags, or: The Struggle is Over

If your team uses a lot of tags, then you’ve probably come face to face with, The Struggle.

What’s The Struggle? The Struggle is the cousin of the common cold. Always popping up when you least expect it and when you really don’t want it.

Picture this: It’s after lunch and you’ve totally hit your stride. You’ve got some sweet jams pumping, you’re high-fiving yourself and your co-workers, your Noko Timer is going strong and you’re ready to log some time.

Then, BAM! Out of no where, The Struggle. You know you created a tag for this task, but you can’t find it anywhere. You’ve used it before… Or haven’t you? And your supervisor just addressed the too many similar tags issue with your team.

You throw your hands up in frustration and yell, CURSE YOU INTERNET GODS, CURSE YOU!

photo cc: clarkk


It’s all going to be okay. We’ve faced The Struggle before too. And the Noko developers have come up with some pretty cool features to help battle that pesky little devil.

New Noko Feature: Sorting Tags!

Recently we launched the tag permission feature. So you and your team can specify who can create new tags. Noko will even warn you that the tag is new by highlighting the tag red instead of yellow.

In the hashtag completer we’ve now made it possible for you to sort your tags either by popularity or in alphabetical order for faster searching. You can see up to 1,000 tags! (On slower computers, Noko will show fewer tags so it doesn’t get slow. You can still search for all tags tho!)

Then, in the case where you do need to do some tag clean up, we’ve also improved tag merging. Larger tag mergers will now take place in the background. So you can go about our business without any care in the world, and we’ll send you an email when the merge is complete. :)

We’ve all faced off against The Struggle at one time or another, but you don’t have to do it alone. Noko has some new features to help you find the tags you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Have a suggestion about how we can make using hashtags even better? Send us a little something something at [email protected], we love hearing from you!

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