New Invoice Summaries and Breakdowns

After months of some serious training, including a sprint through the streets of south Philly and up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, Noko invoices are ready to make their 2015 debut.

Cue Rocky music.

photo cc: David Barnas

The Summary breakdown of your Noko invoices is better than ever before. It’s even better looking than before!

You can now customize your invoice to include a clear breakdown of your team members, your projects, and your expenses.

The new Summary field includes:

invoice summary section


When you invoice using an hourly rate, you can choose to include a breakdown for each of your team members and each project in that invoice.

Even if you invoice using a flat rate, you can still choose to include a summary of the projects and people in the invoice.

Under “people rates & team summary” you can customize rates for each person on your team, and show their individual totals based on the time they worked.

people rates & team summary


The “project summary” will show you the totals for each project being invoiced based on the time logged for those projects.

For Noko users who bill for multiple projects at a time, the project breakdown will make it easy for clients to see how much time was spent on each project, and how much each project costs in the overall invoice total.

project summary

If you’re someone who likes their clients and customers to be able to see exactly how much time was spent on the projects being invoiced or by the people on your team, check the “show hours worked” box under “formatting and reporting”.

formatting & reporting

Like before, you can include all unbilled expenses in your invoice. Only now you can see the expense description and the project associated with that expense.


The new invoice breakdowns and summaries will give your clients and customers a much clearer picture of your work.

And the best part is that without doing any extra work, you’ll look like a super human business pro! The way we see it, you’re Rocky, ready to take on Apollo Creed, Mr. T and Drago all at the same time.

Cue Rocky music.

Note: We’re located in Philadelphia. So we’re obligated to make at least one Rocky reference. Thank you for understanding. :P

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