Say helloooooo to the new timer!

Our number one request for Noko, ever since we started? A timer.

You asked. We answered. And we took movies.

Noko’s got a timer now. We’re still ironing out a few little JavaScript bugs, but it’s almost ready for prime time action.

And, in the mean time, it’s available in your Noko account. You should check it out to familiarize yourself with its ways.

But enough ado.

Launching the Timer

Here’s how you launch the timer:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click the Settings & Tools tab at the top right
  3. Click the Timer tab
  4. Click the blue timer button

You can even drag it to your browser’s bookmark bar, so you can access it with a key command (like cmd+1 in Safari) or with a quick click, any time.

Instructions for that are on the tab there, as you can see.

Using the Timer

Like the rest of Noko, you have choices in how you use the timer.

Mouse lovers: never fear, you can use the mouse to do everything. Except type your description, of course.

Power users: You can use the keyboard to do everything from selecting projects to time, to pausing, and of course, time entry.

If you’re a power user who tries to never touch a mouse, you’ll find hints for the keyboard-based controls at the bottom of the timer window.

Saved by the Server

You can close the timer when it’s running, because your time is actually being saved on the server.

That also means you can switch from one computer to another, and keep your time with you. Just as long as you’re logged in.

Billing Increments & Recovering from Oopses

Just like the Quick Entry Box, the timer has built-in support for your configured minimum billing increment. (Defaulting to the consultant’s standard of 15 minutes.)

And, just in case you forget about the timer when it’s running, or start it after you began your work, the time is totally adjustable before you log it.

Still a few minor quirks...

We’re aware of a couple minor bugs in the timer interaction.

If you encounter one of these little bugs, simply reload. Don’t worry, your time will NOT be lost.

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