Sharing is Caring

Growing up I constantly heard the phrase, “sharing is caring”.

With four kids all at different ages it was probably the number one repeated phrase in our house. That and, “don’t make me come back there”, during absolutely every car ride.

As I got older I really did want to share my things with everyone at the party. Unless it was candy, then I became a greedy little hoarder.

Most of us are like me when I’m not on a sugar high. We want to share our work with people, especially our clients and our customers. We want to say, “Hey world look at this, I’m so proud of it!”.

Disclaimer: Noko is not responsible for anything you break out of excitement or any injuries you may sustain while doing the happy-dance when you hear about this new feature.

Noko reports are now SHAREABLE!!

When you run any report in Noko you’ll see a pink “share” button in the top right hand corner of the report.

Clicking the “share” button will give you a dynamic and private link that you can use to share the report with your client.

You can share the link by copying it, both manually and to your clipboard, or by emailing it.

Next to the sharing options you can preview the report your client will get, and stop sharing when your client no longer needs access to that report. Once you’ve stopped sharing a report, the private link will no longer work for your client.

Shared reports are dynamic so that your client can see the most up-to-date information in the report. Depending on the date setting of the report, the private link will update itself to include addition entries.

For example, if you share a report for the month of August your client will see any additional August entries. But they won’t see additional September entries unless you share a September report as well.

In the spirit of sharing, here’s a pro tip for sharing your reports with clients:

You can create an open-ended shared report by setting the date range as the 1st of whatever month you want to Dec. 31st, 2099. This will let your client see all updated entries from a certain date forward!

Disclaimer: Noko is also not responsible for anything your client breaks out of excitement or any injuries they may sustain while doing the happy-dance.

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