Take notes in the Noko timer—introducing the scratchpad!

Ever wanted to scribble down somes notes about what you’re working on while a timer is running? Now you can, directly in the Timer window!

Once you start a timer, this convenient notes area will automatically open—just click it and take all the notes you want. Each project has its own scratchpad!

No need to click save—notes are automatically saved on the Noko servers, so you never need to worry about losing what you wrote down. You can close the timer window, or your browser, and reopen it later (even on a different computer!)—your timers and notes will still be there!

Now when you decide it’s time to log time—the notes you took are automatically used as a suggestion for the tags and description for the entry you’re logging.

And once the entry was successfully logged, Noko clears out the notes field and you’re ready to log more time! Easy as that!

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