Teams: Successful businesses are a team effort

At the end of the day, tracked time serves the purpose of making your business run more efficiently. You need to identify where time is spent by your team. Where time is used effectively. And where it isn’t.

And what if you have lots of people using your Noko account? Multiple office locations? Many internal departments? Many external contractors?

Do find yourself you need to manually repeat clicking lots of people to get the right data from reports? What if you could group people together and quickly run reports on them?

Introducing Teams!

Use teams to group and quickly run reports on people

Use teams to “tag” people into categories (a person can be a member of as many teams as you want!). For example, you could have a team for each of your business locations (e.g. “Philly”, “London”), for each of your departments (e.g. “Sales”, “R&D”, “HR”) and some special teams to be able to quickly run reports on certain groups of people (e.g. “External”, “Summer Interns”). Mix and match! Noko is flexible and will adapt to your needs.

To create and manage teams, look for “People & Teams” in the navigation bar on the left. Note that only Supervisors can create, edit and disband teams. Both Supervisors and Leaders can view teams and use them for reporting.

It’s also now much easier to select individual people or custom groups of people when running reports. There’s a completely new field that you can use to search for people, group people by status and permission level. Archived people are hidden by default so there’s less clutter—but you can always search for them or click the little triangle to show them. Power-user tip: click a section heading (e.g. “ACTIVE”) to quickly add all people in that section to your selection.

The new Teams feature is available on our Team plan, the Organization plan and with custom Enterprise plans. If you have an older subscription plan, ask us about upgrade options!

Create dynamic reports on teams and project groups

To make it easier to share data with your clients or with managers, Reports now support the direct selection and saving of teams and project groups. This means that you can now select a project group and share the report with a client—with projects added to the project group later automagically showing up in the shared report for your client! (The same works for teams as well!)

This new feature is available on all Noko accounts.

Cumulative billable vs. unbillable chart for reports

Need to know you worst performing projects? Have the feeling that last winter was large unproductive? Reports now show you a chart over time, with your billable and unbillable hours visualized. This takes the guesswork out of finding unproductive time and will alert you if you have any spikes of unbillable hours.

Even for projects and time that is all billable, you’ll be able to quickly identify work patterns and see when the time logged in your report has occurred.

This new feature is available on all Noko accounts.

Quick-glance report summary

Also new is a quick total of time and the number of entries in your report, so you’ll instantly see if your search and filter criteria gave you the result you wanted.

This new feature is available on all Noko accounts.

It’s gonna be a hot summer… with even more features coming!

If you have feedback on our new features or anything in Noko, we’re always happy to listen and help: stay cool and drop us a line at [email protected]! :)

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