Find projects quicker with Noko's new Timer

Noko’s Timer has received a facelift and optimizations to be quicker to use and prettier to look at!

The main thing that works differently from before is the much improved search. Either click the project search box or type the / shortcut key to start searching (you can also just start typing any letter or number to stat searching when the search box is not active yet!).

Noko will now find projects that are similarly named and typos are no problem if you’re not sure about the spelling of something. Use your and cursor keys or mouse to select a project and press or click the play button to start your timer or log it!

Want to create a new project and start timing immediately? Easy, just use N (hold down your shift key and press “N”) or click the “+ new project” button in the top right. Fill in your new project name, hit and you’re done!

There’s more keyboard shortcuts available—check out the build in cheatsheet by pressing ? (that’s / on US keyboards) or clicking the keyboard icon in the bottom right.

The Timer now always has a bright pink bar on top to make it easier to find if you have tons of windows open on your computer, and the currently running project’s colors are large and brightly visible so you can see what project you’re running the timer on at a glance.

For those of you who have lots and lots of projects—you’ll enjoy the much improved load times when you have hundreds of projects.

Don’t forget—the you can safely close the timer window at all times. Browser crashes? Noko laughs in the face of those… Timers are stored on Noko’s servers so you can just reopen the timer window, even on a different computer or your phone and all timers will still be there!

We’ve updated our help article on the Timer as well, it’s a great refresher if you haven’t used the timer recently. :)

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